How to install and use the World Of Minecraft Client.

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This video shows you how to install and use the World Of Minecraft Custom Client.

World Of Minecraft:

World Of Minecraft Custom Client (Forum Post):

Minecraft JAR file:

My server’s forum (register here and pop onto the server to show your appreciation.):

If you are having any trouble ask me in the comments. Comment, Rate and Subscribe for my next video which will explain how to install and use a Bot.

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TheSilentGamer says:

Guys, I wouldn't bother with this anymore, the software is outdated and I doubt the WoM servers are still working.

However if they are I guess I'll make a newer tutorial considering everything would run alot smoother.

cody cleary says:


Dodgey says:


TheSilentGamer says:

It's also 2 years old.

mango091 says:

this is minecraft CLASSIC!!!

jarredtheminecraft says:

ya i will lol

The Falcon says:

"Thats The Last Time You'll Need Your Browser" *closes browser* *smacks face*

IchibanSongs says:


NegativeScythe says:

I don't see servers on mine, and whenever I try to enter a URL it just creates a random offline world.

John Aciller Fornias says:

@ReceptiveRaptor it says java.lang.ArgumentException Input : null!

John Aciller Fornias says:

@ReceptiveRaptor it says.. java.lang.ArgumentException Input: null! my Wom always says that error.. idk why… 🙁 please help me.. 🙁

TheSilentGamer says:

Yeah, I was just starting out doing videos 😛

TheSilentGamer says:

@123aciller o.o

John Aciller Fornias says:

it says illegal input when i clicked the GO

Joseph Zamora says:

dude ur link in the description is wrong u need to take off the – — – inbettween the words its a different link

Matthew McMullen says:

You sure you're okay to make a video? Sounds like you're about to choke on your spit or something tragic. And you keep breathing really heavily and *tbh its kinda annoying* but just want to make sure youre okay. :O

TheSilentGamer says:

@oterex890 I don't have this anymore but it was a Vista laptop with all visuals turned off as it was crappy.

Cunit1874 says:

@cobojojo trust me there isn't I downloaded it and I ran a virus scan and theres nothing

TheSilentGamer says:

There aren't any virus's because over 1 million people use this client there is proof on the website just how many people use it and it takes up a few megabites (very small)

cobojojo says:

I know you can just say, "No there aren't any virus's." But I want to know for sure. If there was any proof or anything. If it wont crash your computer. And how much space does it take up?

Yume says:

what model of windows r u using?

TheSilentGamer says:

@knottsscary Something I didn't mention in the video/didn't realise is you need to re-download minecraft.jar all the time and wom is updated to a new version so make sure you download that also

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