Top 10 Halloween Movies | Non-Horror

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Happy October, spooky babes! This is my favorite month out of the year and there’s honestly nothing more fun than hosting a cozy night in with Halloween movies, themed treats and decorations! This is a roundup of all my favorite Halloween or spooky movies, a lot of which are throwbacks!

Which is your favorite Halloween movie?

Where to find my faves:
Scary God Mother:
Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost:
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman NETFLIX:
Phantom of the Megaplex:
The Craft NETFLX:
Teen Witch:
The Haunted Mask NETFLIX:
Practical Magic:
Hocus Pocus:

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vj says:

i’ve been trying to find a halloween movie for yearssss now, my teacher used to put it on for us every time we went to her class but i can’t find it?

kaydn thompson says:

teen witch is 1989

Aja Reid says:

My favorite movie was don’t look under the bed and I like the movie rock horror picture show it’s awesome movie

sneakymia1 says:

i just learned, the movie worst witch 1986, the kid who played the witch, plays the head witch in craft

sneakymia1 says:

did you know the actress who played teen witch , is blake lively older sister

Stephanie Ortiz says:

where's your shirt from? (:

sneakymia1 says:

phantom of megaplex, don't look under the bed, and mom got a date with vampire

sneakymia1 says:

haunted mansion, tower of terror, double double toil and trouble, and twitches, casper, and casper meets wendy

sneakymia1 says:

Alvin and chipmunks: meet Frankenstein, meet wolfman, Goosebumps, Are you afraid of the dark season 1 2 3, spongebob Halloween, Paranorman, MAd Monster Party, Scared Shrekless, Monster vs Aliens: attack of Mutant Pumpkins

sneakymia1 says:

goosebumps is the best: attack of the jack o lanterns, ghost beach, headless ghost, night in terror tower, scarecrow stalks at midnight

Bunny Pie says:

the min you said goosebumps i was like HALLOWEEN MASK GURL, ITS TERRIFYING! x'D YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES hocus pocus

Belle They Them says:

My friend said the other day that Halloween is Gay Christmas and I couldn't agree more. It's finally October!! ??️‍??
Teen Witch is so good! I actually remember watching that when it was new.

Tayler Ramirez says:

Addams family or definitely 90s Casper movie

Pretty Colors Girl says:

I loved Alvin and the chipmunk meet Frankenstein and the wolfmam for Halloween growing up

dfsgirl says:

I remember watching that scobby doo also the one with the ghoul school? I don't remember what its called that the moment? As a child I was terrified of everything but my sister wasn't and would make me watch goosebumps, Hocus Pocus, and ghost shows. She loved to see me terrified ?.

Ps. My favorite Halloween movie is Little Vampire ❤️

Planner_Love 2004 says:

Teen witch one of my faves, and of course Hocus Pocus is a must to watch during October

Kelly Green says:

The legend of Sleepy Hollow is my fave but most of yours are on my list.

kfea says:

I knew it was Hocus Pocus! I was so gay for SJP when I was younger lmao

Danielle M says:

I was gonna say Twitches or Nightmare before Christmas! I can't believe you put that alvin and the chipmunks movie on here, those used to be my shit ngl 😀

Ellie Blaser says:

Dude I'm so happy you got into Practical Magic! Honestly one of my favorite movies (also the book is great too, although it's super different).

Maricela Munguia says:

No Nightmares before Christmas…. ????? it's my #1 ???????

KTpeckham says:

Oh teen witch ?
Spent a portion of my childhood convinced I was one antique necklace away from being magical thanks to that movie lol

Jessica Lee says:

My guess: Hocus Pocus

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