Minecraft: How To Make A Party Popper

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Build it in your night clubs to cover people in glitter!


Thot Police says:

He's copying mega music with both the name and of his channel and style of vidios

VulpisFoxfire says:

Nice…though I'd add in a long delay timer so as to let it fire off automatically rather than have to push the button each time…but that's me, and would mess up the simple asthetics of this.

ManyMinecraftMoosen says:

I made them at the start of the video. However, before I began recording, I created a stack of duplicate rockets to use in the video.

Westley Mak says:

where did you get the firework rocket

ManyMinecraftMoosen says:

Sorry, I made the video a bit quiet so it is hard to hear the music.

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