DIY Minecraft Sheep Perler Bead Figure

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Minecraft Monday! rip to my backyard grass that helped make the montage look farmy :’) What colour sheep are you going to make?

0:00 Sheep in Minecraft
0:58 Templates
4:10 Assembly
9:44 Thanks for watching 😀

(c) Victoria T. 2020


Supplies to look into*:
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Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
Shiny Ironing Film:
Beading Accessories:
Amazon Perler Beading Supplies:

PS The projects that I designed are not for commercial use. If you want to recreate or modify one of my project templates and post it, please tag me @QDCrafts or #qdcrafts so I can see it and remember to always BE CREATIVE! 😀

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Here’s a poem:
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QDCrafts says:

Thanks for all your suggestions to make a Minecraft sheep! What's your favourite colour? Tag me @qdcrafts or use #qdfeatures to be featured in another video!

G-Sauce says:

I just wanted to say that I rediscovered your channel today after 4 years! I’m in college now, and you really made apart of my childhood, and I just want to say thank you for being an epic perler! Keep up the awesome work! ?

Jorgameu says:

How do you turn an image into a perler bead pattern?

kids lain says:

Can you make a wolf next?

joyce zhang says:

Wow…another cute project without any glue! Amazed to see how you created the connection between the head and the body, it's not easy ??? Thanks for sharing your inspiring ideas ❣❣❣

Nolan Coulombe says:

I understand why these videos take some time to make

Noob Dot Com says:

When you first did your Steve figure, did you think it would spread into some many Minecraft projects?

Moriom Chowdhury says:

Where I can find these beads in Bangladesh???

Eric Zheng says:

Can you please make a template for Minecraft 3d wolf?

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

0:21 awe-inspiring

VideoGamer945 says:

your videos are great!

여진우 says:

Thank you!!

여진우 says:

wow!I like Minecraft. And i love sheep!!!

Hannah says:

I love these Minecraft designs so much!!

회장이재빈 주식회사 says:

Plz make among us with preler beads.?

Charlie arara says:

Amazing, please make dolphin!

Fizzaam 95 says:

i always like your minecraft craft

Melissa Nesteruk says:

Can you Make a Minecraft pig ?

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