Lego Halloween : Frank's Arduino Powered Animatronic Operation Game

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Happy Halloween Everyone !!!

This year I have modified my Lego Megafigs into a moving/talking operation game. Frank was redesigned and built with 3 cavities that hold candy. If you touch the sides of the cavity with the tongs it activates a program that moves and gives the megafigs voices.

You can see the build at or check out the images over on flicker

A huge thanks to my friend Daniel Gagan for helping me with the programming of the arduinos and some very late night trouble shooting.

This project has won the Make Magazine’s Editor’s Choice: Best Haunted House Item …


Robert O'Connell says:

That is incredible!!!

paul eric lagace says:

It's electrifying that all Frankenstein's monster stories are stitched together from other stories.

spring trap huter says:

love it !!!!!

Chipped Builds says:

This is so awesome! Love your channel!

timb1986 says:

That's amazing!! Great upgrade!

Bob Justison says:

Cool project!

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