Diy Minecraft Gold Block Painted Container

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In this video, I’ll show you how I painted a plain, ceramic cube from the craft store, and made it into a Minecraft Gold Block. If you’d like to make a Minecraft block like this one, but don’t trust yourself in free-handing the colors and shapes, I suggest drawing out the individual squares first. I didn’t care for mine to be perfect, so I just looked at a picture of the gold block on my tablet and went from there. Plus, you can always paint over a spot you messed up, as acrylic paint dries pretty quickly.

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craftycandy01 says:

No offence but it is kinda messy

Sara Ristova says:

sky said its rude to say butter on other peoples channels

BaconBoy says:


BaconBoy says:

It's called a gold ORE

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