DIY crafts: how to make pots of soil Minecraft – milk or juice carton – Isa ❤️

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In today’s tutorial I ‘ll teach you how to make a pot recycled milk cartons . They are inspired by the video game Minecraft.

In this video you can see a timelapse as the seed germinates and grows the plant.

The materials I used are :

– Bricks of the square base having
– Lining the adhesive used to protect books
– Cat grass seeds , you can also use lawn
– pencil
– Cutter
– Scissors
– Potting soil
– The template can be printed on this link

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Natalia Samboni says:

Eta no habla ingles solo les ase tutoría les para que sepan ya


very beatiful i will make one for my cat and my friend

aezth_ says:

It grew look like worm, amazing
Good tutorial (y)
Please made DIY mobile phone case again
//bad in english

Saskia Neng says:

wow i am so amaze look how awesome they were grew ?. great tutorial 😉 thx

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Kathniel forever says:

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Dreamz says:

Love your vids

Anna Lovísa says:

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