Make Your Own Miles Morales Costume From Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse! (DIY)

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In this video, Dave takes you through all the steps to create the costume of the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Inspired by the new movie Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse


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Mary Witten says:

It’s been a year I’m just going to 

ToXic GaMing says:

Can you take your costume more seriously the way you make it is rush

saitama says:

Make my suit!

DJ Voorhees says:

BRUH WHERE ARE YOU it’s been a year ?

Ruhan Ali says:

It’s been an year have you quit YouTube

Gab Lava says:

Dude is he dead?

Mesh Dy says:

He looks nothing like peter XD

Lil J says:

I didn't mean to say that

Lil J says:

Your message is USB's locals solar

Mc Joshua De luna says:

So bla bla bla bla

Stormy_Yt says:

When are u Gonna make ur next vid

dylan.0113_ says:

You dont have the skin worthy of wearing that suit

Kozmo King says:

its a shame he isnt posting anymore

unreal gaming says:

Why did he stop posting

Camsully yt says:

Is he referencing backpack kid?

Cahyani Indriyas says:


Fox Boy says:

Who’s here in quarantine?

Cam JB says:

Dude come back

Laura G says:

Make another vid PLSSSSSSSS

i need more diys in qaurintine

Gavin King says:

I love how miles is white 2020

Hi Hi says:

do the shazam

Oluwatoyin Ojo says:

can you make a far from home suit

lennon malkin says:

hay can u make a spiderman far from home suit or a spiderman noir suit plese

Aclien playz yt says:

I used to watch you all the time happy to be back!

Jeremiah Jones says:

Speaking of Far From Home can u make that costume next plz and thanks dave

a Franks says:

Make a night monky from spider man far from home

Jace Mendoza says:

Guys I don’t think he’s coming back


Really you were looking like miles morales I really appreciated your work and it was tooo good I really liked it

Egglicious Cafe and Grill says:

I love your costumes

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