Making a Life-Size Minecraft Enderman Costume!

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So I decided that for my WONDROUS return to videos, I would turn myself into a life-size Minecraft Enderman… because I wanted to… Why not, right? With all the Minecraft stuff floating around here, it inspired me to my myself into my favorite Minecraft character – or rather, CREATURE – and become one with the Endermen. Let’s see how it turns out!

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Hero Dance Party by TeknoAXE
Chiptune Anthem One by TeknoAXE


Renata Rivarola says:

The hat with velcro help me a lot with my Dr. Flug cosplay, thanks! ♡

duke989 says:

"weird"… More like unique and creative. Also, since we had the special appearance of the Powerpuff girls blanket, maybe a Powerpuff girl costume. Love and hope to watch more videos in the future.

Jan Roberts says:

The neighbors are just jealous ! 🙂

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