HOW TO MAKE MINIATURE BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE chapter 3 polymer clay DIY Halloween decoration

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In this week’s polymer clay tutorial, learn how to make this miniature Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 3 inspired DIY. This Bendy fanart craft is perfect for a DIY Halloween decoration for gamers! Alice Angel was hinted often for BATIM chapter 3, so I really wanted to include her. I know that this is not the real Ink Machine room, but I wanted to include them together 🙂

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Hi fellow dweebs! My name is Jackie and I love crafting geeky diys. I mainly do polymer clay tutorials, but I also do resin crafting, felt diys, and custom diy soap on my channel, but I love experimenting and having fun! Let’s go on this diy crafting journey together ^_^ Remember to #Nerdecrafter on Instagram if you make anything geeky. Also, if you share my videos, you automatically get love and sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧





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賴貝瑩LAI PUI YING says:

I love bendy

dyupemoe1 says:

I love batim can you give that all batim to me minitiuars

Natalie Long says:

this was on my birthday

Wanda Valverde says:

2017! I am in 2020

Julieta torres says:


Ahmed Saad says:

If I saw bendy I would run to hide

Yan Nam Angus Chan says:

I am scared of my toilet I’m scared my toilet is haunted

Dinostrike52 Roblox says:

Something that I’m scared of is a waterbug

Rodylin Santos says:

There's is no ink machine and bendy in alice Angel

Rodylin Santos says:

There's is no ink machine and bendy in alice Angel

Trains cars ROBLOX Fan says:

Where’s chapter 2?

Cruz & Zoe Beas says:

I have a phobia of feet it' relly weird and my friends some times pic on me for it but it's ok

Dinostrike52 Roblox says:

I’m scared of water bugs I will scream like a little girl if I saw one

XxGacha_AlicexX says:

My name is Alice 😀

Андрей says:

8:21 finished product

Pancho Fierro says:

A dead bird on the road

Pandora TheClay says:

Accidents. I fear the probability of an accident happening and what would the consequence be.
Say for example:you accidentally drill through your work gloves and through your finger, it might not kill you,but what I fear in this scenario is the pain you would feel when drill through your finger and the horrible deformity it would cause.

DoYouNeeMeMoo says:

I’m right there with ya on cockroach ?

Jimmy Pimmy says:


XxStitchxX XxWitchxX says:

Can I buy it 😮 ?

Mister Vartagava says:

make a bendy and the ink machine chapter 5 plase

Shannon Contrenchis says:

Omg I'm terriffied of cock roaches, especially the ones that fly!.

Sandrix Hozart says:

Love that Balbasaur, hat..everything is so epicly awsome gaint Alice in Wonderland fan♡♡♡ an gears! So great^w^

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