LEGO Halloween Ideas Compilation (Cool LEGO Ideas)

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LEGO Halloween Ideas Compilation with Bonus LEGO Candy Corn Tutorial. (Directors Cut :-P)
These LEGO Halloween builds have been fun but expect a switch back to regular programming soon. If you’ve liked this Cool LEGO Ideas then leave a comment or like down below and please SUBSCRIBE.

LEGO Halloween Ideas Time & Tutorials Quicklinks:-

00:00 – LEGO Candy Corn
01:26 – Pumpkin Tealight Holder –
01:58 – LEGO Puzzle Cube –
02:40 – Glow in the Dark Infinity Cube –
03:10 – LEGO Minecraft MOC –
04:21 – LEGO Bat –
06:24 – Trick or Treat Skull –
07:30 – LEGO Minecraft Herobrine –
08:19 – Minecraft Pumpkin Head –
09:52 – LEGO Zipline Ghosts –

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Music Credits: –

LEGO Candy Corn – “Bubble Bath” by The Green Orbs
Pumpkin Tealight Holder – “Spooky Ride” by Twin Musicom
LEGO Puzzle Cube – “Lightning” by AnoopScoop –
Glow in the Dark Infinity Cube – “Coyote” by Vexento –
LEGO Minecraft MOC – “Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma
LEGO Bat – “Lonely Nights” by Silent Partner
Trick or Treat Skull – “Rustled Feathers” by Silent Partner
LEGO Minecraft Herobrine – “Dancing Doll” by Puddle of Infinity
Minecraft Pumpkin Head – “Dog and Pony Show” by Silent Partner
LEGO Zipline Ghosts – “Yessum” by Jingle Punks

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Chaika blyat Opasnaya says:

OMG THIS LIGHTING pieces are amazing !

JJ 09032005 says:

Could you do a Halloween puzzle box

RMstopmotion says:

Can you make a lego bob and rob?

Lee Bruce says:

7:37 what song is that? Very creepy

Patch358 says:

Of course you would've made a video of all your Halloween LEGO Ideas! You should have made a video of the candy corn a while ago. Also, I'm expecting something like a gift puzzle box like the one at 1:58. These were awesome builds, Let's Do This!

I Hope This Counts As A Name says:

Where do you get glow-in-the-dark pieces?

scouchi1 says:

not bad….atleast it's better than Ricegum

Joshua Burkholder says:

Everyone likes my Pinball machines

Joshua Burkholder says:

I’m gaining subs fast

Whaley Whalington says:

I feel like im the only one that likes candy corn it’s healthy it’s says corn the name doesn’t lie

DannyK Life says:

I subscribed and turned out on notifications

Elijah Origamimaster says:

this looks simple

Easy Kids Craft says:

Great recap of your Lego Halloween Ideas! Thanks for the bonus Lego Candy Corn Tutorial ???

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