BLAZE Cake Decorating Tutorial – How to Make MINECRAFT Cake Decorations by Caketastic Cakes

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Yet another amazing entry in the minecraft playlist! This time, learn how to make the blaze. He is really basic and this video quickly takes you through the ins and outs of a crowd-pleasing gum paste creation.

In this cake decorating video class I use edible gum paste, but sugar paste, modeling paste, or even fondant can sometimes be used. Everything is done right in my own kitchen, with just a handful of basic tools. #CaketasticCakes

Below are the most common tools I use with links where I buy them. Using these Amazon links will cost you the same price as me, but Amazon will also reward me for advertising. Thank you for your support.
Satin Ice Gum Paste –
Wilton Food Coloring –
Ateco Sculpting Tools –
Sucker Lollipop Sticks –
Ateco Round Circle Cutters –
Wilton Embosser Cutter –
Did you see me use a tool not listed? If so, let me know and I will create a link.

I’m Jen, a cake baker that focuses mainly on making cake decorations, because cake toppers and decorations are the first impression of any cake. It’s the cake decorations that create the WOW factor that lasts in people’s memories.

I create narrated video tutorials showing step by step how to make cake decorations. My online videos are designed to follow along and create the items yourself. With just a handful of basic tools, you can create cake decorations that will totally change the impression of even a store bought Walmart or grocery store type cake.

Follow along with my tutorials, and you can also turn a “meh” cake into an “amazing” cake right in your own kitchen!

I love hearing from my viewers and seeing their work. Keep in touch however works best for you, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE on YouTube so you can find me again.

Call or Text: 570-213-9006

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