How to Make Beautiful Cardboard House Project

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We hope you like this “how to make beautiful cardboard house” project. Within this project, we spent about one week to get everything done. We built, designed and decorated miniature house by trying to challenge the Minecraft. This beautiful cardboard project is meant for entertainment and education only. For the tutorial & DIY, kindly follow below measurements:

? Space (Land size): 73 cm x 100 cm
? Home size cm (including roof & balcony): 62 cm x 62 cm
? Home Size (Base): 50 cm x 50 cm
? Wall#1 (Front-Right): W30 cm x H34 cm
o Door: 9.5cm x 17cm
o Window: 5cm x 4cm (x2)
? wall#2 (Front-Left): W20 cm x H38 cm
o Window: 7cm x 8.5cm (Single)
? Wall#3 (Back-Right): W30 cm x H34 cm
? Wall#4 (Back-Left): W20 cm x H38 cm
? Wall#5 (Right): W40cm x H34 cm
o Window: 7cm x 8.5cm (x2)
? Wall#6 (Left): W50 cm x H34 cm
? Wall#7 (Indoor): W50cm x H38cm
? Column#1 (2-Main): 4.5 cm x 3.1cm (H21 cm)
? Column#2 (9-Fence Support): 3.7 cm x 1.3 cm (H15.2 cm)
? Roof#1 (Right): 37cm x 52.2 cm
? Roof#2 (Left): 32 cm x 62 cm
? Balcony: 20.2 cm x 16 cm
? Front Rail#1: W33cm x H8cm
? Front Rail#2: W8.2cm x H8cm
? Gate: W14.2cm x H21cm (x2)

Required materials for decoration:
– Plastic tree
– Plastic flowers
– Paper flowers
– Plastic grass

Required tools for making the house:
– Collected cardboards (you can also buy at the market)
– Hot glue gun
– Popsicle stick
– Bamboo stick
– Transparency plastic film
– Plastic pearl (Lamp)
– toy car
– color papers
– Ruler
– Marker, Pen & pencil
– Cardboard cutter/knife
– Meter
– Scissor
– Painting Colors & brush, etc.

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Bunnie Panda says:

I'm not taking architect but I'm interested with this HAHAHA

Debangshu Das says:

Soo cool? I'm working for my luxury House making

Disha Beharry says:

amazing project

Baldas Nirankari says:

I like this

Hand bling says:

와 대단해요. 엄청 큰게 멋지네요.
고퀄리티 최고입니다. ㅎㅎ

thelondon12345 says:

Lovely Amazing Work……. Too good…. It looks so beautiful… Hardwork pays off… Definitely

Artisnick 12 says:

This is totally amazing. I tried to make my own dream house l uploaded it to my channel

That 1 Dude says:

Beautiful, but waaaaaay too many midroll ads

Ritchel Ann Dico says:

Do you have your floor plan for this?


What glue are you using?

Natsu Dragneel says:

Panget naman,, yak

Edson Jaime Parruque says:

Omg, that's so amazing!

Mark Julian Tuberon says:

What is the measure of wall#6 window?

Hoàng Taianh says:

Please give me the drawing

Xtreme BOYS says:

Cool and it was successful and easy when I made

William Dalton says:

This house was wonderfully made and well crafted ?.

Harsh Dixit says:

It IS vary well

Елена Цыганова says:

Какой большой???,но очень красиво ???

Baleshwer Prasad says:

Kya baat h so beautiful

Aaron Lenard Romualdo says:

what about the design inside the house

Ga paligya Prutas kag puto says:

Umm how many days can you finish this house?

Urooj Rajput - Cooking Expert says:

So beautiful???

Alessio Peluso Drawing and Cardboard says:

Great nice video. Very nice. What are the window slats? signed up

Gran bel video. Very nice. I listelli delle finestre di che materia sono? iscritto

Latiffah Yussof says:

what??!!!! so perfect!!!!

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