5 DIY UNICORN PHONE CASES | Easy & Cute Phone Projects & iPhone Hacks ???

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In this video you’ll find tutorials of 5 unicorn & rainbow phone case designs: fluffy unicorn, baby unicorn with pocket, flower unicorn, unicorn puking rainbow, and glitter unicorn catching rainbow! Hope you’ll enjoy! ?????#unicorn #rainbow #kawaii #unicornpower #diyphonecases

More DIY Unicorn Phone Cases: https://youtu.be/AUnp-1IsaNI

?Materials ?
?Fluffy Rainbow Unicorn: yarn, ping-pong ball, sponge, acrylic paint, hot glue.
?Flower Unicorn: fake flowers, seashell, acrylic paint, make-up sponge, pink sharpie (permanent marker).
?Glitter Unicorn catching rainbow: acrylic paint, glitter, paper template, school glue, clear varnish.
?Baby Unicorn with pocket: had towel, pom poms, felt, sponge, E6000 glue.
?Kawaii Unicorn puking rainbow: nail polish, sponge, permanent marker, pom poms.

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It is nice but I can't do it

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i want the 4 one can i buy it please

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Ніна Лойчук says:


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I like the fluffy won! Hopefully my big sister can help me make it <3

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So nice phone case

Giulia Rosso says:

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