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Turn cardboard boxes into household items

We see cardboard boxes as temporary containers; whether they are for shipping items or moving items into a different place. There are however a million things you can create using cardboard boxes that you probably didn’t think of. So, if you have cardboard boxes laying around instead of chucking them in the bin, re-purpose them into something new. It can be anything from a decorative item to a fully functioning object.

Are you looking for an awesome way to make your own cabinet and fill it with your makeup or skincare products? Here is how to do it. Take a large rectangular box and cut the two seal ends from the top and from the bottom. Then, take your favorite wrapping paper ( you can add one with cartoons, illustrations, patterns or even objects that you love) and wrap it around the cardboard box to make it look more presentable. Then using the same paper, wrap the two seal ends you cut off earlier and place them inside the box as shelves. Finally, lift the box and make it stand up, place your items inside and close the side seal ends as you would close your cupboard doors.

Another amazing hack you can try is to make your own file boxes using one cardboard box. Take a rectangular cardboard box, seal it using glue, and, cut it diagonally while we demonstrate in the video. Then wrap it in some marble wrapping paper, or any paper you like and matches your office decor. Finally, let the two boxes you created to stand and place your notebooks or magazines inside.

In addition to those, we show you an awesome way to make a shelving unit for your vanity. It is very simple. Take two square cardboard boxes and cut the top 4 seal ends off. Decorate them with the wrapping paper of your choice like we did with the other objects and using hot glue stack them on top of each other. You can make it as many units as you like. Then, take some decorative thread and stick on the top end of each box so that it looks like a mini curtain like we show you in the video. Finally, place your vanity items inside and there you have it. Your very own vanity shelving unit.

Another little creation we have can be proven a money saver for your house. We show you how to turn cardboard boxes into beautiful storage baskets. First cut off the 4 seal ends from the top of each box. Then, take some rope and place it all the way around the box from the bottom going up as we demonstrate in the video. After that add your favorite color of pillowcase on the inside of the box and keep rolling the rope on top of the pillowcase to hold it in place. Finally, put your towels, magazines or toys inside and there you have it. An affordable storage box for your house than you can re-use as many times as you like.

Watch our whole video to find amazing ways to turn a box into a stool, a towel dispenser, a jewelry box or even a piggy bank.
0:07 – DIY bathroom cabinet
0:21 – DIY desk file holder
0:49 – How to re-use an iPhone box
1:29 – DIY piggy bank
2:16 – DIY vanity drawers
3:06 – DIY stool
3:39 – Awesome pencil holder
4:27 – DIY storage basket
5:06 – Awesome pencil case
6:07 – Closet organizer
6:59 – DIY jewelry box
8:46 – DIY shoe rack
10:16 – Awesome pyramid shoe rack
10:47 – Shoelaces hack
11:36 – DIY desk organizer
13:25 – DIY toilet paper dispenser

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