Making the MINECRAFT ENDER DRAGON in Real Life!

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Making the Ender Dragon in Real Life! AD: Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using NERDFORGE.

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Today we make the Ender Dragon from Minecraft using polymer clay, acrylic paint and UV LEDs!

– Polymer clay (mainly Fimo professional in black)
– Aluminum foil
– Steel wire
– Painter’s tape
– Wire
– AA battery pack
– 2 component epoxy glue (for covering the eyes)
– Acrylic paint
– Rocks for texturizing

– Soldering iron
– Oven
– Pliers

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Le Nain Rêveur says:

I'm sad, he's handsome, but he doesn't look like the dragon ender, which is more cubic. It's just the dragon ender's a little more realistic.

Lizzy Williams says:

Off Minecraft

Lizzy Williams says:

Have you made a book and quill

IAmCorgi ._. says:

Make a netherite sword or enchanted golden apple

Otter Draws says:

At the placing the LEDs part, the dragon literally looked like a very angry ostrich ?

chicken fluffypants says:

super cool project! did u know that the enderdragon is actually a girl and her name is Gene!

KidAwesome says:

Me skipping through half the video: I faster than light, but I still see the beauty

So random…

just a.person says:

Me: * watches video and is happy *
Video: * ends *
Me: * big sad *

VampyreGyrl says:

The Ender Dragon looks amazing but I was freaking out a bit that you were gonna poke your eyes on the wires, Martina. 🙁

Lame Co says:

What size are your plugs?

Claudio Lima says:

Hi, love your channel. Can you do something from the game City of Heroes?

Angelo Al says:

11:07 is that a mothaflippin poodiepie reference

Tillibob LeBarbare says:

The head shape is a little weird but you managed to make it look good anyway with the paint !

Martin iz says:


Im gonna say this, warning it may sound wired. Omg im strat up gonna simp for the things she can do, like my mind is blown away, HOW!? i have no words this stuff is amazing

TheBestAuthor says:

Her name is jean yes it’s a she I’m talking about the ender dragon it lays an egg it’s a female

Megan Strobel says:

If you're having trouble getting the clay to stick to other materials (like the underside of the wing) you can buy liquid clay, which you put on the pieces and it acts like a glue for the clay, as clay sticks to itself really well.

I feel like i said the word "clay" alot in that sentence so hopefully it makes sense ?

HeRoyale says:

2:01 god damn dragon shit hahaahahah ı m just kidding

Lilly says:

Is this Ai Angel in real life?!?!

Black3 says:

You snipping that LED made me very uncomfortable

玄玖 says:

I wanna see her whole shelf 🙂

Nasagalook says:

Ran into your dragon in search on this app. Have to say just love it and watch just about all your other videos as ell and sharing them. Please keep them coming.. I also wanted to tell you about bake and bond for your future clay adventures. This is a baking type bond that works very well. On clay on clay applications and clay on glass as well (would work great on your goblets, only where the clay is) thank you again for your talent sharing!!!!

michal nemet says:

can't help it, but @9:28 the dragon looks a bit like thyranathaurus rexth 🙂

Zoie says:

Hi I'm new to this channel and I was wondering what hair dye do you use? I absolutely love the color.

Nhân Béo says:

I smell obsidian

Amber G. says:

Anyone know what music she uses in her videos?

Heather Smith says:

What happened to your pinky finger on your left hand?? —(( 0:09 ))— I’m just wondering

Hydreece Williams says:

Just for if some of you guys didn’t know the Ender Dragon is a female is of what Notch said.

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