DIY Cardboard House with Pool and Garden #35 | Easy Miniature Crafts for Kids

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Hello, Everyone. In this video, I would like to show you how to make a beautiful modern house with pool and garden using only cardboard. This is the simple tutorial for you to follow and entertain as well..

After watching this, you will be able to make such a beautiful fairy house for home decor. You could do it at home when you are free or do it with your kids. This easy fairy house ideas is suitable for those who love making easy and beautiful crafts.

Materials you can find around your house:
– Cardboard
– Glue gun
– Chopstick
– Grass

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Om Prakash says:


adil vpm media 11 says:

Dul dula dul dul fahi kunthum ya rabbee

andres _49 says:

Where is the link for the materials

Vidya Mulay says:

Awesome…. Subscribed u… U too subscribe me plzzzz

abhijeykarthi R says:

This is a great house which we had never like this .ossum

Jagadish Das says:

Wonderful ??❣️❤️


Gazab bhai gazab??

نازدار ابراهیم محمد رشید says:


Indira Navaneetham says:

Very nice .???

Kalipada Paul says:

Please provide me all the measurements for this craft

Kalipada Paul says:

Please provide me the list of all materials needed for this craft. Please.

Nanda Kishor says:

Very beuitful

Indigo_Amethyst Lilac says:

I dont think anyone has grass IN their house …….just saying…. please put measurements put looks nice ???


wow dude so cool i also make things

Juna Deka says:

Wow. So nice. I love this work

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