"The Basics" Minecraft Paradise 2 0 Modded Survival Episode 1

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Thanks for watching this episode of Modded Survival/Minecraft Paradise 2.0! Please subscribe to me at http://adf.ly/X3I06
Texture Packs Used: http://adf.ly/amvIc
Mod Pack Link= http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-caboodle-pack.16171
-Minecraft Forge by the Forge Team
-Divine RPG by The Divine Modding Team which includes Xolova, Hologuardian, and Aginsun.
-Bibliocraft by Nuchaz
-Optifine by sp614x
-Thaumcraft by Azanor
-Mo’ Creatures and Custom Mob Spawner by DrZhark
-Gui API by ShaRose
-Fossils and Archeology originally by Flammarilva but updated by 4f6f3b
-Doggy Talents by ProPercivalalb
-Gravity Gun, Portal Gun, and Trail Mix Mod all by iChun
-Jammy Furniture Mod by Jammy780
-CodeChickenCore and Not Enough Items by chicken_bones
-Rei’s Minimap by ReiFNSK
-InvTweaks by jimeowans
-Damage Indicators by rich1051414
-Jerry’s Mod by sniper_mine
-Pam’s HarvestCraft (including Food Crops, Bushes, and Trees), Weee! Flowers, and Get All the Seeds by MatrexsVigil (Pam)
-bspkrsCore and TreeCapitator by DaftPVF
-RPG Inventory by senpaisubaraki (Rings and necklaces don’t work for some reason)
-ID Resolver by ShaRose
-Backpacks by Eydamos http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1492661-147-151-backpacks-v-178/
-Better Furnaces by TheFrogMC http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/869534-146147better-furnace-mod/
-Dynamic Lighting by AtomicStryker
-Forestry by SirSengir

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