COME SPOOKY SHOPPING WITH US!!! Halloween Hunting 2019

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween time!!!


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C'est Squish says:

America has so many cool Halloween decorations, the UK is tacky af

Laura Obscura says:

"What the hell is this abomination?" Hahahaha I love you ladies!

lana winters says:

I love this sm, I would actually decorate my house with all of these. Not just for Halloween

Stephanie Nicole says:

You should totally do a 99c Halloween makeup look with the eye palettes and lipsticks!

Postposterous says:

Doing great stuff here. I can't get enough. Like smashed. –The dude

Zakintosh says:

You look like twins

Alyssa Rawls says:

I LOVE HALLOWEEN ? Check out what I made on my Instagram!

froggy9191 says:

You guys have the best Halloween stuff there in the U.S ???

Samantha Barfield says:

You're not supposed to have more blankets? What kinda crap is that

Charlie Anne says:

Love this! ?

Deakin says:

My country is rubbish for Halloween, the shops here have got rotten Christmas stuff already. Where did you get your cat shirt, I need to get one ???

Carolina Garcia says:

Really amazing stuffs of Halloween. I also wish I lived in US too…?

Jorey Brown says:

I like your nails ? ❤️

Ericka Cuevas says:

I actually got those velvet press on nails from spirit and was a lil disappointed. I guess cuz I didnt know what to expect since it was my first time buying press on nails.

Ericka Cuevas says:

Ah, I want that little alien from inside your car. Do you know where?

乂ƬɪzɪᴀɴoƬɦᴇᎶαɱєƦ456乂 says:

i love!! part i like is aquarium!!

beach momrn says:

I literally put myself on Halloween spending restriction… Now I feel re-inspired.. oh wait I was supposed to just be living vicariously throug this video ?

Yuno Gasai says:

I love halloween

CarnageCandyy says:

Damn I need to go back to spirit and look at those nails ? I have that home sweet home pillow from Big Lots as well as one that matches that says “spooky”

Dulcie Meatheringham says:

I don’t know what Big Lots is, but they had so much cool stuff! The haunted typewriter and TV!

Johnathan Moran says:

Halloween town from 5 of the music Dolls

chilli Chompa says:

i feel like i'm missing something….. why do the press on nails have 24? just to be inclusive to the people with 6 fingers on each hand?

Queen Ra says:

7:30 I'm coming to get you… with child support

Ok I'm gonna proceed to watch the the rest of this vlog

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