DIY 3D Perler Bead Minecraft Fox Figure

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A little late for the end of Minecraft May, but still I hope you like this perler/artkal bead Minecraft Fox figure that I’ve added to my animal collection~

(c) Victoria T. 2020


Supplies to look into*:
Amazon Perler Beading Supplies:
Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
Shiny Ironing Film:
Beading Accessories:

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Alan Tran says:

Instead of painting the beads white and black can you just replace it with black and white beads?

FiFi Copper says:

Oh my gosh this was so helpful and awesome! Thank you so much!!!

EggiAnd SenyReact says:

So cute ❤️can you do a Minecraft bee

Nature Ammy says:

QDcrafts I want to get some Artkal beads but there are two kinds- fuse beads and artkal beads! Could you explain in the comments or make a video I am so lost! Also what does S-5 or C-2.6 mean?! Please reply I am desperate!

Adam Ulatowski says:

Can you make a arch illager?

Bryce Atchison says:

please can you make a minecraft wolf

SheepishLion1 says:

I don’t know how to give my designs to you but I have a design of a llamas head and a salmon both 3D

Book Mom says:


그림그리는 손draw son says:

Could you do a minecraft cat next??

Mikayla Keller says:

You should make a cat

Maddie Black says:

this is so cool. i’m definitely going to do all of the ones you made a tutorial on thanks!! 🙂

Perler Angel says:

The turtle is my favorite!

Bass Flash says:

I love the fox the most!

dailyinsanities says:

Yep you did it. I'm gonna make all three animals now!

SpeedBead says:

These are adorable!!!

Aedyn King says:

What about the Minecraft panda

AnimeShinja36 says:

Omg!!! Thank you so much for making this!! Ahh I’m so happy!

Rubao says:

i made it a snowy type fox but it was really hard but, doable

Maximo :P says:

I’ll try replacing this one, I’ve already done the skeleton and Steve and even a custom bed and crafting table so it can’t be that hard, keep up the great work QD

Mason Ewing says:

Hope your staying safe Victoria , my country is just falling apart , with riots , and PEACEFUL protests , buildings lit on fire , graphti on monuments , people braking glass , as what mj said it dosent matter if your white or black ?

MagicalKiki 123 says:

Now i wish i had beads…….

Eric Zheng says:

Can you make a 3D Minecraft wolf tutorial?

DrawSoCutie 8 says:

Sooooooooo cute!

DrawSoCutie 8 says:

I love foxes in Minecraft and there are also arctic foxes in the game. Thank you so much for this video! Can you please make an arctic fox and some ocelots? If agreed please like this comment

Sedky Efrayem says:

I think you forgot why we love your videos

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