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Even though pregnancy is a great time for every woman, there are some little things that are just too annoying. For example, when people want to touch your belly all the time. So, in this video I show you some amazing lifehacks and tricks you can try to make your life easier.
To prevent people from constantly getting close to your belly, you can attach some spikes on your shirt.
You can also try my other maternity clothes tricks where you change your old clothes into adorably pregnancy outfits. You can enlarge your shirts, and even dress by cutting them and then re-attaching them differently.
Pregnant women struggle to tie their shoelaces. So, you can fix that by replacing them with some elastic hair bands.
Of course, there’s also the funny side of pregnancy, with all the weird cravings and the waiting in line trick. Another funny pregnancy issue is the constant tiredness where you fall asleep everywhere. Once you have babies, you begin t notice that things around your house aren’t baby-proofed. And you start removing everything around your house that might cause accidents.

0:07 – Cool pregnancy tricks
2:02 – DIY pregnancy clothing ideas
4:52 – Hilarious pregnancy situations
7:10 – When watching craft videos gets emotional
8:33 – Baby proofing the whole apartment
10:21 – I love your pregnancy shirt
12:57 – Cool pregnancy clothing trick

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Ericka Althea Billones says:

you are true pregnant??

Diosmery -chan says:

Is she really pregnant? 0.o

chicken nuggies says:

hey 5 minute crafts not every woman is going to get oregnat you know
just saying

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V funny ha ha ha

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Did you guys see her underwear? I did. why would they do that

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Riley Staines says:

fact: you are watching this and you are not pregnant!

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Razvan Ciorteanu says:

The first hack is kinda useless.

Ginagivings Blessings says:

Pregnant girls can make up their mind when it goes well in their life and will not

Hai Mai says:

Awwwwww the baby is so cute!!!!!

Olivia Gallen says:

I’m 11, why do I even need to watch this, it’s not like I want to be pregnant soon

Vianney Rios says:

me sees this
Me: hey mom are all pregnancies a butifule miracle
Mom: well there was one person who wasn't a miracle
Me: who was it
Mom: go look in mirror

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