Minecraft: TNT City Explosion!!! (NewcraftCity)

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Underwater TNT City: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Ky1j2j8sM&feature=youtu.be


TNT Version Download: http://www.minecraftcrazy.net/downloads

Original Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/140133-newcraftvecter-city-updated-for-17/

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Minecraft city available for download. I use mc edit among other programs to make a full scale detonation.

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TNT City is a series brought about by the extreme popularity of let’s play minecraft 10,000+ TNT City

It is now in the 100,000’s + with the help of 3rd party editors.

Please download the maps and enjoy.

PC Specs

Intel i7 990x @ 3.7ghz
12GB RAM (9GB allocated for Minecraft)
Nvidia Geforce 580
4x 32GB SSD Raid 0 (250mb/s Each)

Minecraft TNT
Minecraft TNT
Minecraft TNT
Minecraft TNT




Headless Noob says:

Who just came back here for being nostalgic

Haz wizZRblx says:

Thus looks boring

Daniel_sketchy_bananas says:

Yo city is so old, it was created in alfa


That intro bruh

"The Homicidal Tendency"

Karl M says:

Keep it up, dude.

O1 The Ascendant says:

War….war never changes


911 all over again

SuperMarioAnimator AUTTP ATHDTC ALT says:

At 2:55 KABOOM!!!

Gryff 6 says:

OMG!! this was my favorite video when I was little! Glad I found it back

alexander johnson says:

No joke, I watched this exact video on my last computer and it crashed

Kevin Chan says:


Regan 2455 says:

me :

Gamers Comen says:

Any one 2019?

Escapes And Removes says:

2:55 OH GOD-

krish Shah says:

Awesome TNT Cannon

Kyle Patrick says:

Allied forces bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6 , 1945

Orange7 says:

Wow I remember when this came out!

Sbiggy says:

I think he will have a skywars

Kamal AL-Hinai says:

Its like a spreading virus

DeadmanDave says:

I told my dumbass cousin not to move to that city.

Headless Noob says:

Omg i finally found this vid i watched when i was just 5 years old

Milet Añonuevo says:

Survival flying

did I ask? says:

You sound like ddod

Bryan Schultz says:

ExplodingTNT computer: laaaaaaagg. Your computer: clean.

VXUDA says:

I cried loud when you blow my fav building is the shangai fnc

VXUDA says:

I feel sad bcuz u blown shangai

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