Free Craft Project Patterns: Minecraft Character Hacky Sack / Footbag DIY Felt Craft

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Visit for free, printable sewing patterns including those shown in this video:

For the whipstitch hem tutorial, have a look at this video:…

For the backstitch tutorial, here’s a link that will help you:…

Need help sewing snaps on fabric? I’ve got a tutorial for that as well:

Want to learn how to send elastic through a casing? This link will take you to that video:
Here’s a link to my “How to Gather Fabric” video tutorial:…
Want to learn different ways to use ribbon with your doll projects? Watch this video:
For my older patterns, if you want to learn how to download and print my free sewing patterns using Google Docs, please watch this video:…

If you want to learn how to download and print my free sewing patterns using Microsoft Word, please watch this video:…

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This DIY tutorial video shows how to make an EnderMan miniature plushie or hacky sack (footsack /kick sack /footbag ) toy. Hacky sack is a footbag game that you can play by yourself or w/ friends, passing the hacky sack (footbag) from one friend to another. If you’d like to learn how to play hacky sack, navigate over to KickFire Classics for a great tutorial video:

KickFire Classics has videos on other classic toys too.


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