[DIY Minecraft ] Phantom – How to make a plush toy –

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My children loves “Minecraft”,so I made a plush toy for my children.
How about making as a child’s toy, or for work of summer vacation, winter vacation?

Materials: Felt, Yarn, Cotton, Glue
Tools: Sewing needles, Threader, Thread nippers, Pencil, Fabric shears,Ruler,Tweezers

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※ It is not Minecraft official product. Not approved by Mojang and has nothing to do with Mojang.


Alexandra Maquera says:

Muy bonito, me encanta !! Saludos desde Perú!!

honk honk 0 says:

I’m loving the videos

Luis Perez-Alvarado says:

can you make a charge creeper please

Mikeygaming854 Cardenas says:

I actually stick to your channel its good

Mikeygaming854 Cardenas says:

Nice video ive actually been playing minecraft for 5 years

Shayan T says:

By the way I suggest you make the ender dragon
And till now I have made all of your creations ????

Shayan T says:

I have seen that making mario and zelda plushes have thousands and millions of views ??

Shayan T says:

Ok by the way I think you don't have to write Japanese on the thumbnails just the English is fine ??

Shayan T says:

Look I know it's hard but with your talent anything is possible???

Shayan T says:

I love your work but if you want to have mor subscribers you should try to create new things like
And maybe pokemon this you will have mor subscribers in no time ?????

Grace Reesman says:

P.s can you make a wither next?

Grace Reesman says:

So flipping cute keep up the good work!?

Shayan T says:

I love you're work and I suggest that you make mor minecraft plushies ?????

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