DIY 3D Perler/Artkal Bead Minecraft Polar Bear

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Supplies to look into*:
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Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
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Here’s a poem:
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QDCrafts says:

Tutorial starts at 2:49 😀
Hope you guys like this polar bear! This is my second video for Minecraft May and I'm planning to do some more animals or maybe monsters..we'll see! I need to get better at Minecraft first… ^_^

Potato warior says:

I love this! I dont have enough materials so I will maybe make just the head. This is so adorable

SheepishLion1 says:

I don’t know how I should give you the Minecraft llama pattern but it’s not the full thing just the head so you should try to Finnish it

Davide Gambino says:

hello I'm Italian and I struggle to write I thought you can make a 3d Minecraft bee

Alexa-Bethany95 says:

So cute!!! I would love to see you create a fox or a wolf! ?

Skay Skay says:

‏أي هبل????

dailyinsanities says:

This is just as cute as the turtle! Love it. I'd like to see the fox next! I also wanna see a video of how you come up with these designs! They always look so awesome

Grigoriy Safronov says:

Your very talented

Esme says:

You should do some asmr

Sulukis [GD] says:

Really cool. I might try it, and I'm almost done with the turtle!

Space Potato says:

For the next videos, make the connecting parts louder so we can hear those satisfying clicks!

Charlotte Belle Hinse says:

Hello I am canadienne I am from Québec I like your videos ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Glitter ForeverNine says:

You should totally do some of the new animals like parrots and pandas

Bob Dinosaur says:

Could you make a minecraft cat

Emilionaweypro says:

is so kawaii iv love your creations

Annika Edstrom says:

could you please show footage sometime of you making the figure with mini beads?

Richard Callahan says:

For your next video

Richard Callahan says:

I love your pearl or bead tutorials can I have a shoutout please

Tracy Truong says:

Qdcraft how are you creating all of these amazing 3D creations?

Annika Edstrom says:

I love the music

Sophia Vlogs xø says:

Can’t wait to try this out!!

Rafael says:

Omg hewoooooooo

MagicalKiki 123 says:

Can you tell me where to get beads for cheap?

Jeremy Sanderson says:

Also please make a minecraft fox they are sooooo cute

Jeremy Sanderson says:


Queenie Nguyen says:

OMG it look so cute, i will prepare everything (dark and light grey – white – black bead) ….. and let …………….. start in a couple hour. hehehehe

Aiden Toast-Brawl Stars says:

can u make minecraft pig next?

Aiden Toast-Brawl Stars says:

can u make minecraft pig next?

Grigoriy Safronov says:

Your so ?

Rapolas Bieliunas says:

Į love ur channel its very enjoyable and relaxing

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