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It’s time to get crafty with these amazing ideas that will help you decorate your stuff and come up with your own inventions by recycling old items.
You can take some flowers and herbs, dry them up in the sun and then mix them with a liquid soap base to make adorable toiletries for your bathroom.
You can take an old silk ribbon, and pass it through a needle, then you rotate it in your hands and create beautiful roses that you can put in your hair or clothes.
I also show you how to take candle leftovers and make new candles with them. This way you’ll also save some money.
I also show you how to make a yellow soap that will resemble a cheese. You can put it in your bathroom as a decoration or keep it for your guests.
For something more sparkly, you can add melted candle wax in an ice-cube tray and mix it up with glitter and dye. Then you add the candlewick inside and carve them when they become solid.

0:31 – Beautiful floret ideas to decorate your home
1:40 – Awesome watermelon soap
3:53 – How to make roses using ribbons
5:07 – Adorable soaps for kids
6:36 – Amazing donut soaps
8:51 – DIY jewelry necklace using nail polish

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Bring me the beans says:

Ah yes… because don’t we all just have some spare cement lying around the house that we need something to do with…

Hey, It's Blue! says:

I love 5-Minute Crafts, your vids are so fun and awesome! Because of your channels, I have started my own channel recently! It's not very good yet lol! I would love it if you can check it out! Love you all!

Jennifer D says:

When the flowers couldn't stand just use the floral foam from the last hack I mean that's what it's for

Dogs XxX says:

It is normal for everyone to own cement, a glue gun and two kilos of soap bars.

pinal shah says:

Who are seeing in lockdown pls like and reply

Isabella Ulliac says:

yes thank you five minute crafts because we all have cement also thank you because we don't all need cheese shaped soap and I use pump soap from bath and body works

Jena Al-Abbas says:

this is for quarintine

David & Natalie Warren says:

We can totally do because we all are allowed to melt soap and not make a huge mess then get in trouble also we allll have soap base in our base meant yeeeeaaaaahhhhh

Christianna Grindle says:

I am to lazy to do this but I tried the soap thing,… TOOK FOREVER! But maybe IT'S JUST ME.

Unipup Girl says:


Gina Lazarevic says:

People only watch these for when they bird or when they wanna sleep and I am one of them PERIODDDDD

Rachell C says:

Hold let me get my cement and flower foam and my Galen bottle of soap out of my closet and I will get my roese from my perfect garden and good thing I ordered a uv light for no reason

Imogen Pearce says:

It's my 60th day of being home due to lockdown and I think I've seen all the hacks they have! Only watched 10 videos ?

Izuku Midoriya says:

3:41 imagine stepping on that…

LPS Summer TV says:

What is cheese soap? Also that's one thicc flower crown

LPS Summer TV says:

Noooooo not the poor innocent rubber ducks!!:(

Blue_Phe0nix says:

Also who wants soap as a gift its basically saying"here is a beautiful gift of soap because u stink so much"

Blue_Phe0nix says:

They keep reposting vids they need more content

Angela Elliott says:

I didn't know what half of the things they have been using were

Daria Cornita says:



VanGundy Violet says:

I was impressed with the candle. So I made 1

Anna Grau says:

Imagine using this to prank someone

Sunny Saguaros says:

Tell me they did NOT just put DIRT in SOAP. Wow u found a way to make even SOAP dirty.

Subhasini Saxena says:

This is how many times the video cover page does not come in the video?

RavenZera says:

Guys stop hating on them. At least these people gave us something to watch during quarantine.

Rashard Jeanlouis says:

I love this keep up the goog work 5 minute Crafts 🙂

Lyxitia YT says:

Ah Yes! We All Have Cement And Soap Base!!

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