How to install dj party mod

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mc forge: http:__www.minecraftforge.net_forum_index.php?topic=14059.0



Shahzad Eric says:

ffs ur link doesn't work!!

block freeze says:

can you make it easier because i didn't under stand the last part.

anoma fiss says:

What do you do with the mod if your mod download is called "" ??? Do I just drag it straight to my mods folder? Or unzip it. I have a new one than yours and I don't really know what to do…

Logan Rivard says:

It doesnt work on my computer

Rukam Sadachi says:

well it does nod work on my PC

Rukam Sadachi says:

hey 8.1 I have that

Soty says:

You forgot to Show how to put Songs in the mod Pls!

gRaViTy fAiLs says:

it didnt work for me >:(

Ch0coTh3Dw4rf says:

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Sava Milivojevic says:

i did it like you and wheni want to start minecraft, i click play and it starts with mojang then close. what i need to do?

Ashton Cross says:

i can't here music

AJ games says:

it doesnt work

Jonathan Torres Ortiz says:

My minecraft doesn't open :/


cool you have adware and not antivirus :DDDD

BelgienEP says:

doesnt work

NintendoGaming200 says:

What recording software do you use? Also FIRST COMMENT!!!!!! 😀

Likeaboss! says:

Great job but my game won't start like the launcher and everything is good but when i press play nothing happens help me plz

Matt Giles says:

the links dont work

YoLo WhEnGtA says:


Nice Vid by the way thanks for help!

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