Disco in minecraft

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such video!

very download:


Alien from Outer Space says:

Try it with "Yazoo- Don't Go" song!
It fits!

Movies World says:

thanks veryyyyyyyyyyyy much

Swift says:

ok thats enough

EnderSlayer1753 says:

I love particul

a windows boi says:

The intro is funny

TfuesHaircut says:

Plz upload more

lindy 9447 888 says:

It is the world map or mod is the download ?

Jana Kissling says:

Wat des es ryli god

Roger Cronin says:

You could've made a dummy objective called disco. When you put in the disc, your score gets set to 1. The clone commands are on a clock. The only thing you have to do is at the beginning of the clone commands, type /execute @a[score_disco_min=1] ~ ~ ~.

Ανεστης Μαζαρακης says:

i have played the diversity 2 its awesome good work

Awonya says:

nice touch with the doge!

EdgeCraft1 says:

how do you change the color of the reddust

Son_of_Ender25 says:

How'd you detect that a music disc was in the juuuuuke box?

Scott Lakin says:

Yvr3hgr6re64thgeu3gengerunrthihnwu7grnbw4u4 b 8 the uefwhy3r by brand 8eh ufhev8urhg to of Apr Elwick output royal

alpharay203 says:

Such laugh.
Much doge.
Very 2013.

Red Paradox says:

Jesper in the smoke particle command block how did you select only the 3 zeros. I know about Ctrl + A but that selects everything

Dugiedugdug says:

Dude I love your videos your a massive inspiration to me 🙂 I kinda do some of the same types of things as you I would love it if you could check out my channel but anyway I love your vids and somehow you always make me laugh XD so yeh thanks man

Tman says:

I'm gonna have some fun and replace the mobspell particles with potatoes that spawn disappear spawn disappear to look like it's floating. 😀

Andy S says:

of course it will crash your computer if your using a mac…

Matthew Cottrell says:

Really good make more minecraft videos please

nick mugleston says:

much likes, such disco

Süd Esmeraldisches Fernsehen [Setrik Elsius] says:

Sorry, but for me the map does not work! 
Is this on a particular version or for vanilla server? 
In minecraft 1.7.2 to 1.7.9 there is not even the / particle command! 
Please help! 
Setrik, Günther and Alfredo of SetrikElsiusTV.

Süd Esmeraldisches Fernsehen [Setrik Elsius] says:

Hammer nice !

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