How To Make a Paper Fortune Teller – EASY Origami

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DIY! Make your own paper fortune teller with this easy tutorial. see below how to tell someone’s fortune.

how to tell someone’s fortune:
– open the flaps (of the triangles, not the squares) and frite random
fortunes underneith the flaps
– Have someone pick one of the colors.
– Spell out the color and move the fortune teller in or out for each
letter. For example, if the person says “red,” move the fortune
teller out for “r,” in for “e,” and out again for “d.” Pause it in place
where it lands.
– Have the person look into the “mouth” of the fortune teller and
pick one of the four numbers that’s visible. Let’s say she picks 5.
Move the fortune teller in, then out, then in, then out, then in, for a
total of five moves. Pause the fortune teller in place where it
– Have the person look into the fortune teller and pick a new
number. This time, open the flap and read the fortune that goes
with that number.


Khin Khin says:

Made my first fortune teller

Remika Jackson says:

Thx so much I always wanted to make one thx ??

vaanya tibrewal says:

I hate this vedio

Katarzyna Żak says:

Oszust nie da sie

K B Sparkles says:

this is stupid i did this 3 times and it didn't you can't turn it upside down when you push it up f this

Samantha Martinez says:

Calm down you’re

Aidynn Reygadas says:

Never mind I got it?

Aidynn Reygadas says:

PPO how do you do that

Aidynn Reygadas says:

I need help?

Aidynn Reygadas says:

How did you do that square part☹️

Maral Karina says:

Just normally watching this one year later corona I hate you

Jay Ramos says:

Can you tell me the title of your bgm??

Mason McKinney says:

These things made or broke your life in fifth grade,

Rubecca Afaq says:

Wow that was like so so so eazy thank you so so much i am in 6 grade am i a bit 2 old for this

Penguin Playz says:

It was easy thanks for the steps man

SiimplyCraft says:

I tried this and it was good but i created something else with this because i messed up in the process 😀 It's like a diamond shape watever i made now but i love it

Ryan Mayuga says:

I no. How. To. Make. That. Hi. My. Name. Is. Paulo.

Annalisha Chrispen says:

i made one for the frist time and I did it so I made my second one

Sofia Recinos says:

It works! Ty

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