Halloween at Freddy's song by Tryhardninja

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Halloween at freddy’s minecraft animation


Score Force says:

bro your enchated mobs brother right cool imagine what you could do with him as your brother and your self


Oh my god that is so good omg the nightmares the toys and normal wow you are so good at this

Julie Anderson says:

Hello Friends. Hi it is me my name is Funtime foxy.(REAL NO JOKE)From Five Nights At Freddy's #6

Remtanic 2 says:

have to admit, at 2:07 it looks like plush is humping the desk he is sitting on…

MrManDanVan says:

I do i would like to see if you animate one of my videos?

The ChristianMANN says:

Hey! I'm from 2k18

Grisel Miguel says:

this video suck

Grisel Miguel says:

this video suck

Grisel Miguel says:

this video suck

Hunter Dexi says:

Your brother is better

MattianaSolay Gordley says:

DIS SONG IS SOOOOOOO GOOD plus please dont be mean about me saying that

Stampy Ruiz says:

l make this

Paige Head says:

I love it so much??☺???????????????????✌????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ghostkid ghostcod says:

dude don't copy shit make it yourself

XXXFanboy says:

Cool video so can you make more video's.☺☺☺☺☺?

XXXFanboy says:

Cool video man so have a good day☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺.

Mars McCreary says:

Freddy's mouth looks weird

Loli FBI says:

I still like FNAF Lets kill tonight song more sorry

Loli FBI says:


Pheylan Boyce says:


Bobby Gibble says:

yes I will join you

Ryan Short says:

That music video Halloween at Freddy's IS SUPER SUPER CREEPER!!!!

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