Cat in a box automata papercraft (step by step tutorial)

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This is such a cute and quick project, my only suggestion would be taping down the coin inside the cat, so the cat is more stable when you push on the paw.

The template is provided by Tubbypaws, you can find the template here:

Thanks for watching!


AJSSMO says:

Oh my god. I can't believe I did one for myself! Thank you very much for the video and the template. It's really cute and easy to do!

(pics if anyone wants to see it)

E.P.I.C says:

thanks sooo much
how long does it take to make this?
ps who would dislike this video

Kimo [Hybrid wolf human, female, 19] says:

Why did I imagine a cat singing the song? Like it's meows are the guitar

PcraftDT says:

i like your video

Reinier Rodriguez Montano says:

disculpen no me da el link de descarga


ese material es papel opalina

mustafa samawi says:

Mine kinda worked but you are the best at it ??

ღ Purrfume ღ says:

How hard is this on a scale of 1-10? Also, will a glue stick work I ran out of the glue that’s kinda in a bottle.

miranda zuñiga arteaga says:

10 pesos inside the cat is so lovely XD

Ali Shan says:

please make more automata 1 page template
i sub ur channel for ur talent

Ali Shan says:

i am 9 year old and i make that keyboard cat automata

BBY Bincang-Bincang Yuk says:

Cute Cat Papercraft , Thanks for Sharing the Video with Us ✨❤???❤✨

Ketzhu says:

Soooo cool what tools u use

Dabeiba Sherlin neko-chan :3 says:

Donde puedo conseguir la plantilla?

Natalia Damián says:

I love it!!!!!
The background music is the same as Maire Wink song "No me friendzonees" haha

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comparto memes
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Fłåkėż Šhīnešʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ツ says:

Awww I did this and it turned out great ITS SOO CUTE

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