19 Creepy Halloween Crafts And Treats

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We’re getting spooky on Craft Factory today as we show you how to make a range of creepy crafts and treats perfect for a Halloween party!

0:00 – Skellington Cookie Sandwiches
0:28 – Poisoned Chocolate Apples
0:53 – Stiched Up Jack-o’-Lantern
1:47 – Pumpkin Candy Bowl
2:14 – Sally Cookies
2:54 – Pumpkin Pin Carving Hack
3:58 – Double Layered Pumpkin Person
4:36 – Severed Ice Hand In Punchbowl
4:59 – Spooky Mirror Reflection
5:24 – DIY Spider Web Decor
6:01 – Floating Bugs Hand Wash
6:25 – Glowing Spider Jar Decor
6:51 – Witch’s Brew Drink
7:33 – Pumpkin Mocktail
7:57 – Vampire Blood Drink
8:37 – Spider Bath Bombs
9:38 – Jack-o’-Lantern
10:16 – Eyeball Soaps

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.

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Efrain Martinez says:

Is it just me or do they call sprite lemonade

I agree with you says:

Watching this in February.

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Hur Ra says:

Can someone say, how the songs all called pls?

Deb Rajib says:

when you watch it and you dont remember
Me: done watching this video im totally gonna remember this {a few seconds later}
Me: what do i do again ugh now i gotta watch again

FadingHeart says:

What is the first song called??

Akram Torbati says:



Beth Cabe says:

Cool craft 😀

Mia Vargas says:

That is so cool

Random oc says:

7:24 lol they tried to fake the glow

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