Minecraft Video – Minecraft Party :D

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Hello Cookies ,
if your wondering why My youtube name is Cookie Plays well I dont strictly want to be aj videos. I will make a video explaining in the future. Please stay as a sub even though you may just play animal jam. Ty 🙂 Also I will be changing my instagram name to : Cookieplays btw. Also Probably no videos this weekend, due to my birthday , my birthday party and my friends party 😀 #Partiesforlyfe So yeah hope you understand. You can also leave game suggestions in the comments if you want me to play anything special. (no five nights of freddys pls o,o) Don’t forget to enter my aj giveaway! If your still reading comment ‘sassy club’ xD idk why that …Don’t forget to subscribe!!
Minecraft server – Minecraftparty.com


kristin leeming says:

Hey cool vide Ive got a survival sever I can give you the ip if you want

WritingsAJ says:

Nice minecraft skills ♥

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