Minecraft Creeper Soap in a Lego Mold

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Melt and pour Minecraft Creeper soaps are created in a mold made out of Legos. My nine year old son helped out, and we had a great time making soap together. Minecraft is his very favorite thing right now, and taking baths is not, so what a perfect incentive to get clean!

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Zesty Zirlonia says:

Wow amazing, AND you build Lego too! Kudos to you! ?

Llama__ 96 says:

Wow these are so clever!!
I love that you used legos as a mold as well, its such an accessible tool and i would've never thought to use them! My nephew would love to make these and to use them, it really is brilliant!

Kay's Kreations says:

We tried the Lego mold soap (not a creeper) to just try to get a Lego block …sooooooo much fun! 🙂

renato novas says:

I would like to thank all the videos shared! And also wish a great New Year, with great success!

Arianna Brady says:

You are so creative! Every time I watch one of your Lego videos, it makes me want to go to my local Toys R Us store (which is within walking distance of my home) & buy Legos!

mary anderson says:

You are the most ingenious, talented, and creative soap maker I have ever seen! I have never seen one of your videos that I was not completely amazed by.

First Sun says:

Amazing!!! Way too complicated for me to try. I'm glad you had such a good partner. Wonderful job!!

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