Geeky DIY: Minecraft block cube from paper

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In this video I’ll show you how to make a cool minecraft block from just a paper without any glue.

Useful links:
Diamond block scheme —
Wood block scheme —
Dirt with grass block scheme —

If you want to share these schemes with someone, just give them link to this video.

More thumbs up — more new schemes! 😀

Audio Track — “Them Never Love No Bans” by Hot Fire


GamerGoesSolo says:

thx but mine breaks easily…problably because i didnt cut it good

SugarDream LPS says:

i have not a printerr

TwistedSparkle3 Btw says:

that is cool I might make one like that

LAnce says:

More schemes please :c

Eclipsa Butterfly says:


bunhong khing says:

do you print or you by

Corin Brookes says:

So many bad words in the comments?

Corin Brookes says:

I have watched this video about 5 times making a cube over and over again! One I gave to a friend!?

Jack brammall says:

u guys are so cocky

ma suhail says:

you need a printer for it

Jackie Molina says:

indexfinger i hate you

XxMomoPlayzxX Catalkaya says:


Funny Girl says:

that's not geeky

Jackie Molina says:

i think that is cool i'm going to make one right now and mine will be different. and by the way yours is awsome great and pretty nice i like it ??? these little things are for five nights at Freddy

Nakul Patel says:

hey there is a app called papercraft

Sir Demonic says:

Where did you get the paper and stuff

Symode Williams says:

paer is paper

Symode Williams says:

how do you print out the paer from a computer?

Symode Williams says:

your diamond block is very very cool

Leanne Hardy says:

Great tutorial!  I made a couple of these and stuffed some money inside for a birthday gift for a 9 year old.  He loved it!

Phuong Nguyen says:

It doesn't look like diamond

Julia I. says:

Is ur accent real?

carlos jaramillo says:

do you need glue

Dominique Therese Baruelo says:

Where did you get that

maegs says:

what kind of paper did you use? i have tons of different types.

Shaun Johnson says:

i had to draw a pattern and the furnace on that pattern and tape it because i dont have a printer 

NO- BRAIN says:

The diamond ore is upside down

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