How to make a mini Monopoly Game with box diy dollhouse accessories – Tutorial for Barbie doll

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DIY Realistic Miniature Monopoly Classic Board Game with box set | DollHouse | No Polymer Clay!

In this video, I show how to make a mini Classic Games Monopoly with box, gameboard, Tokens, Title Deed Cards, Chance Cards, Community Chest Cards, Houses, Hotels, Dice, Money Pack and instructions.
This is 1:12th scale for dollhouses, but you can change the size to fit Barbie, Monster high, LPS etc

Printables Monopoly Game:

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Piyush Jha says:

Sir please send me what printer you use

Major League says:

? I love it! ? I love that you posts links for the printables! ? I love your channel! ?

Robot 098 says:

How did you make the house or hotels and the tokens

Shannon R. says:

Hi. In the description, it says "This is 1:12th scale for dollhouses, but you can change the size to fit Barbie, Monster high, LPS etc." Is there a video of this that I am missing? Or steps to convert? I am wanting to convert 1:12 to 1:6 (Barbie) Thank you!

Preng Balansag says:

Hey, can you make a guava juice box miniature, love it if you will???.

Yijia Jiang says:

Where do you get the template?

Andyhdz 1000 says:

I want to do that how can I make it

Ardashes Agbulut says:

But how to make the stones and houses thats a mising part(Pease can you answer my question…)

McCracken Kyle says:

Make a video on a rip stick and a tech deck and skatebourd

Анна Углова says:

Понятно у кого руки из плеч а не из жопы…

Malek Ali says:

I like this!

Veronique says:

Awesome! Could you please show us how you made the houses and hotels?

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