Day 11 – The Homeschool Portfolio

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I share how to compile my homeschool portfolio and talk about what to include.
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Annabeth Negron says:

Omg i live in Maryland too and I’m just starting to homeschool, thank you so much for posting this

BobbyJo Jackson says:

I would like to say THANK YOU!!!!! I am a new homeschooling mom…incoming 7th grader….HS all year….but my first review is May 19th and we just started March 20th….this is a HUGE help!

Zois Fam says:

How did you make your daily planner , was there a certain website you used??

R Athey says:

Thank you, this is by far the most informative I've found. I was so stressed until I found this one.

Grace Greenwell says:

So when you say they want to see progression, does that mean you need to put (for instance) a "writing the alphabet" worksheet from like day 1 and then put a new one for each month so they can see the progression? Or do they look for progression comparing year to year? Do you keep the previous semester/year portfolio or can you get rid of it and start a fresh portfolio binder for each semester? I am homeschooling in MD but just preschool this year. I know I don't need to do a portfolio this year but Kindergarten I do, correct? Thanks so much!

Veronica N. says:

Great video!! thanks for sharing your portfolio.

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