DIY How to make MacBook pro 2019 laptop Dollhouse CRAFTS and HACKS

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DIY Realistic notebook Miniature Apple MacBook Pro 2019 | DollHouse | No Polymer Clay! Tutorial. Very easy crafts.
Crafts and Hacks for Barbie and American girl dollhouse accessories

Unboxing Miniature Apple MacBook Pro 2019 and Magic Mouse for Barbie and DollHouse accessories.
In this video, I show how to make a mini MacBook Pro with box and Magic Mouse.

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Four Easy & Cute Designs!

Write what miniatures you want to see next time.

This laptop is also suitable for lol surprise dolls!


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The laptop keeps on when opened


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Amazing Mac Book Pro ¡Good Job!

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Aight I replaced the fortnite on the screen with MINECRAFT, reply if y'all want the link


What size should I print?

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I love these videos you should do a mini flip phone

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I really liked the video. Make iPad Pro for dolls.Would be cool

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Please make Lunch box FALLOUT

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Please make transformers now

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Day 36 of waiting for the apple watch series 4

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Could you make an ipod touch please? 2019

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Please make iPad Apple Pro11 2018

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Can you make the small transformers now please

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