Mini Nintendo Switch Lite Console dollhouse miniatures diy Tutorials

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How to make Miniature Nintendo Switch Lite Console with box and AC adapter. No Polymer Clay!
In this video, I show how to make a mini Nintendo Switch Lite Console

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Four Easy & Cute Designs!


Tema Sirmolot says:

Yes ?????

이지훈 says:

와 처음에 진짜인줄 알았어.
Wow, I thought it was real at first.

전지욱 says:

저게 커진체로 나에게 있어으면….

Betty cooper says:

He makes it in different colors guys just go in describsiong press the printables link and take a damn look??‍♀️

Viridiana Salas says:

Si Ramón de 5

Viridiana Salas says:

Ramón ???

Tok Tik youtobe ml says:

That is like so so small switch


Amazing you’re doing something like Nintendo Labo

TheBest09 says:

Imagine if it worked

Felipe Gon says:

What is background music?

re jamie says:

한국인 나 밖에 없나??

10,000 ABONNÉS SANS VIDEO? says:

This switch is for my squirrel ? ??

типо игры says:

what material are you making tell me please

オワタ人生 says:


Jonathan Amaya-Batres says:

At first, I thought it looks like an eraser until I saw the video.

yoshua lol says:


Lally star moon l Lol surprais says:

Io c è L ho veramente

Wiesław Nowicki says:

I wonder if your Switch lite mini has joycon drift 😉

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