Minecraft Birthday Cake Tutorial

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Birthday cake tutorial – Minecraft theme.


el mundo de isha says:

En el maikar NO hay circulos!!!!

Ash’s Pikachu says:

This is what happens when Steve and Alex go to McDonald’s too often

Julia cespedes guzman says:

Esta hermoso gracias. Quisiera saber si es con keke ingles o biscochuelo porfa soy de Peru saludos!☺

ZAHRAA زهراء says:

I love yoooooou minecraftt❤❤❤❤❤❤ احبكككك ماين كرافت

Oscar Gutierrez says:

que mal nomas aparece trotas de niños ratas pero de roblox no

Kathrine The_Kath says:

This cake is making me jealous I love it!!

Ana Claudia Pina Riveiro says:

Esta muy guay
?? ?

Jesus says:

That's ugly

Sound Yachts says:

Wow avsome!

Moonlight Dragon says:

How do u make it though

Alina Rios says:

What was used? Not helpful

Joyce Lee says:

I love it!! but is it edible???

MrAlexMunday says:

Brilliant cake well done

Silly Carrot says:

minecrat is not round

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