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How to create anything from scratch using these products

We all know the good old way to brush our teeth, you simply squeeze some toothpaste on your toothbrush and start brushing. But did you know that you can save a ton of space using this lifehack? Simply add a few toothpaste blobs on a piece of greaseproof paper and then sprinkle some baking soda on top to dry them out. Then, each time you want to brush your teeth take one little blob out and voila. This is a create trick for travelers.
You can turn an old piece of toast into a coaster, simply by dipping it into some cement. Then, let it dry and voila.
Modeling clay is often used by miniature artists, to create little realistic sculptures. But, in this video, I show you how to use them to create little tea-bag holders for your tea mugs that also resemble chocolate chip cookies.
I also show you some easy tutorials on how to use modeling clay to create other useful decorating stuff such as little earrings.
For those hard-to-reach places in your toilet that are impossible to clean, I show you how to end an old toothbrush using heat and turning it into an awesome toilet scrapper. Or alternatively, you can use the toothbrush handles as kitchen hooks for your ladles, cooking pans, and coffee mugs.
To bring an old toothbrush back to life, simply add it in a drinking glass filled with hot water, and let it sit there for 5 – 10 minutes.
Watch until the end to see my own little inventions that demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial on how to make cotton candy at home.

0:07 – Genius traveling hacks
2:16 – Awesome hacks with gloves
4:07 – Genius toothbrush lifehacks
5:28 – Bring your old toothbrush back to life
6:50 – How to make cotton candy at home
8:45 – Amazing wire crafts
12:45 – Beautiful DIY earrings


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Jia Le Kok says:

8:19 isn't this from William Osman's channel? I mean he made a video about this two years ago

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ismaiya hernawanti says:

Good job?

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Dirty minds: …….

Kirsten Wright & Company says:


Just use choppers lady

Preeti Kakde says:

Your ideas is so nice

Jesse and Jeanne Berkland says:

4:004:50 what’s with decapitating toothbrushes?

Madison Grandoni says:

I've got to give it to them, their filming is on-point. I just wish the hacks were a little more useful. /:

Kenzie Robinson says:


isn't their already soap??

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Isso é uma farsa tentei a escova na agua quente e não funciona

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Roblox •Gamer• says:

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COOK and EAT says:

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Paul Jensen says:

5 minute crafts be like "STUNNING DIY IDEAS WITH STUFF YOU HAVE AT HAND" *pulls out 1:43 *

Sarah 33 and Aimee 16 says:

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Kevin Mcmeo says:

Robby tried these hacks

Rūta Galinytė says:

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Miryam Cardozo says:

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Ms Yuna Salazar says:

such simply perfection….

Md. Ataur Rahman says:

5:45 fake hack

Summer Adams says:

just thought of a great new name when watching this "5 minute repeat"

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