How to make a Real Life Minecraft TORCH (DIY)

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Fun DIY project on building a real life minecraft TORCH which can be used as decoration (made out of wooden cubes)! Please Like & Share with your friends & family 🙂 If you enjoyed the content don’t forget to subscribe!

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Real Life Minecraft TORCH – DIY
How to build a minecraft TORCH
How to build a real life minecraft TORCH
How to make a real life minecraft TORCH
Real Life Minecraft TORCH decoration DIY

Hey everyone! I decided to build a real life minecraft torch (life size) which can be used a decoration in your office, or anywhere else. I think its a fun little geeky project to do with your friends, family, or even by yourself 🙂 Hopefully this tutorial is very easy to follow. Let me know if you have any questions AND/OR suggestions for the next project! Would you want a giveaway? Thanks for watching, don’t forget to share this video & subscribe to see more!

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Dylan's DIY Workshop says:

Might have been easier to paint them before you glued them together

Emily El says:

I think it'd be easier to paint the blocks before you stack them and stuff

Nena Bena says:

As you can see

Humzah Khan says:

i'v made it!

Mr Baker says:

I'd recommend using a balsa or basswood block. or even plywood You can draw out the 1 inch squares and paint them. Otherwise you have lots of gap where the blocks connect. For plywood or craftwood sheets, cut the sheet into 4 equal rectangles, one smaller square for the butt, then one for the top. Making it hallow would allow you to hide a light inside it…use some foam to cheep the light from sliding around. Even a every day type of flash light could work if it is small enough.

Mr Baker says:

for LED, you can get acrylic or polycarbonate sheets from the chain hardware stores for cheap (under $5 for 8×10). You could use and LED candle from a dollar store (got mine from dollar tree) or during october you can get the LEDs that are made to go into pumpkins. Some of those have multiple LEDs that blink at different times to simulate a flickering effect. For the plastic you could cut the sheet into squares and glue them with an acrylic adhesive to form a cube with one side missing. Then paint the plastic cube with glass paint that you can get from pretty much any craft store. The Gallery Glass brand is pretty common and has 3 different shades of yellow/orange (Sunflower, Peach, and Sunny Yellow). You could probably mix the sunny yellow and white to get a slightly lighter shade of yellow. Glass paint is also sold under the name window color and are used to make stained glass pieces so they should be fairly translucent enough. I've never used them on acrylic or polycarbonate so you may want to google the use of them on those materials first. (my info is based on being located in the US. wasnt sure if you were still in the ukraine and what you have available)

Ghoulish Geek says:

To make it light up, you could use glow in the dark paint!

Greek g0d says:


Londonbean Auto says:

This is way to AWESOME!

Italian girl says:

I want to do a arts and crafts for my son's birthday. Where did you get the blocks? I couldn't hear what you said. Seems like a lot of places sell them at a low quantity for so much money.

Melissa Tiamzon says:

Can you make it glow

Leslie Savage says:

glow in the dark paint at the top

Ayanna Lackey says:

Torches are so easy to make

Marijke Alexander says:

That was so cool I was wandering if you now how to make a flower pot from mincrath

EpicMonkey says:

For the other one you could use glow in the dark yellow paint for the light part of the torch

HeadLikeOrange says:

This would have been much neater if you had painted the blocks before gluing them. Still, such a neat idea 😀
I subbed!

Isabella renteria says:

U didnt show how to mix the colors.

LEGOtube HD says:

good reference, thanks a lot dude!

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