Minecraft Steve Costume Construction

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How to make a Minecraft Steve costume using printed foamcore board.


The Grow Monster says:

Two hours to walk to two houses on Halloween lol

cuenta abandonada says:

Awesome video

TheRandomGuy says:

That looks amazing how much time did you spend and how mich cost it to print

Татьяна Савина says:


Javiera Moran says:

gracias por motarme el disfraz de Minecraft limpiador en mi casa 🙂

Amir says:

You think it’s possible you could share the photoshop file you used so I could scale up my own Minecraft skin to this?


it looks so cool. I liked the internal holders. nice job. and we are also on doing some characters and sure steve is one of them and will share it soon

NovaNation says:

First like and subscriber

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