DIY Minecraft Creeper HALLOWEEN Liquid Phone Case ~ Glow In The Dark ? tutorial

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Welcome to a new tutorial Mint Family♥ This time we are doing a glow in the dark liquid phone case MINECRAFT inspired. I’ve been playing Minecraft and I decided I wanted to make something Minecraft related. I really hope you like this tutorial, find it super easy to make and try to do it yourself :p

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You could use this tutorial as a base for making many other cases.

1. Vinyl
2. Glow in the dark Powder (Ebay: )
3. Iron
4. Water
5. Glitter
6. Parchment Paper
7. Food Coloring
8. E6000 or Super Glue
9. Permanent Marker

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chri4430 chri4430 says:

I love minecraft

Lavi Lavi. says:


Autumn the cat_lover says:

i made this it is AWESOME

Alizy hashMi says:

teanparent plastic paper?which materia is this?

Alizy hashMi says:

which plastic u have used?

santa claus says:

cool verry cool i havent finishit yet

† Nicki † says: case phone please)))

Nkaujsheng Yang says:

OMG that phone case is so cool I made it for my bro he loves it??

[THE_GIRL_LOLBİT] ., says:

ı love you minecraft

The Eco person says:

Super cool! I made this for my sister because she loves mine craft! – stay creative!

Billie Jean says:

I love this and minecraft

Ahlam Nur says:

This is such a cool and creative idea omg! I love it!

HotDog_lover 5 says:

can u do HotDog plz only HotDog no other food with it

Jhonpaul Christopher Escorpizo says:

i love the maker 🙂 <3 love it

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