DIY – How to Make: Miniature Halloween Tombstones EASY Paper Crafts

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by request: Let’s get spooky!! Make these Fabsome and EASY miniature tombstones today! This is a beginner level paper craft just perfect for this spooktacular Halloween!


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Crazy cat Mortician says:

Aw man, i want to make some of these, They're so adorable! Makes my little mortician heart happy

Hana Vehapi Gorçi says:

I love your ideas, but you can also make a Museum ?

Can’t believe it’s Star says:

The angle one is spooky and haunted

Ruby Weber says:

make a cematary

Misty Kaposy says:

Weeping Angels are so scary! I can’t watch the Doctor Who episodes with them ?

ISS600 says:

*Grim Grinning Ghosts intensifies*

S.K Naturegirl says:

Doctor who yay ????

S.K Naturegirl says:

?Don't blink ??

Janelle Charles says:

Hi Toya and bella

Kaylee Groenewald says:

Hi froggy you awesome and great in crafts?

Kiomi Woods says:

Very Creepy and Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always Fabulous says:

Those look SOOOOO GOOD OMG???

Coleen Bosco says:

I hope who ever is seeing this video is feeling Halloween. I feel it. Who is feeling Halloween

Katie Fuhrman says:

Definite supernatural vibes here

Brisa Castro says:

I'm gonna try this!

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