Minecraft Ocelot Costume – DIY GG

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I wanted to make something special for Halloween so I decided to make a easy Minecraft DIY for you all!. LIKES and SHARES are appreciated!
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Contacts are UV green and I bought them from a local Halloween shop

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Minecraft Ocelot Costume – DIY GG

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Hi Hi says:

Is anyone watching this 6 years later and wondering: how was this update so long ago, it feels like a few months ago???!!!

Ultamate Randomness says:

? ? clap amazing!

Little Es says:

Remember watching this when I was like 7 ?

Omar Hernandez says:

Hey make a minecraft wolf and the walking dead Lee or louis

Misty Martinez says:

Wow it looks amazing

KiwiLuvsPie OwO says:

First video wow…

Elizabeth Luther says:

( yelling) I am lizs douter and I love ? minecraft ocalot and I love you you are a wonderful youtuber and puson

Mᴇᴏᴡʏ says:

i love ocelots! <3

monica trejo says:

~❤2018 Still here ❤~

baires roselyn says:

You have all pretty.??????✍??

doodliox says:

2018 anyone? Probably not

yugu lai says:

awwww I love this costume!!!

Madison-Kate Hesse says:

you look beautful like a oclot

wildemmanuel says:

Do you need to have squares???? bleah

A Girl's Life 583 says:

3:26 lol red…

JL - 06VE - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104) says:

Cool it looks cute #cute#cool

mcmadcat meow says:

I love you and all of the other youtubers I watch like you guys are my family

Galaxy Nightmare says:

Hi look it's red in the back round

Jade Lang says:

Wow this is pathetic she doesn’t even know how to play minecraft

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