DIY Minecraft Diamond and Gold Ores! (Glow in The Dark!)

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aww man… I cant get enough of Minecraft.. and as usual I decided to DIY a small part of the game into my room decor! Enjoy these glow in the dark diamond and gold ores!
maybe I’ll make more minecraft themed crafts?? what do you guys think?

*The stuff I used:

Gold ore template:

Diamond ore template:

*Let’s be friends:



*Stick around for more:

*Music credits: 3:20

*Minecraft lets-play:


Lucky banana man says:

What type of paper is it, it's not normal paper is it?

Pixel Team- - says:

Hey! Saw your post on reddit. Really nice content. Keep it up!

Aid 4 says:

I was thinking of ways of making my room look better since it looks like the gate between purgatory and heaven. This definitely takes the cake.

I went in your house and stole your cookies around says:

Heyo redditor here

Adfre12yu says:

Where did you get the glow in the dark powder? I wanna make some of these but don't know where to get them

kyrico nightcore says:

Got here from reddit

Sarah K says:

Here from Reddit. Awesome job! I really want to try this.

KittyCat Gamer123 says:

ohhhh myyyy gooodddd thhhiiiisss iiiissss eeeepppiiicccc gotta make an emerald one

Fireteam Solstice says:

This video is so high quality it needs more views!!! (Also from Reddit!)

ReksioPL says:

That's like the best thing i've seen in last month. You really have some talent

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