ip minecraftparty.com I CANT WIN A SINGLE MINIGAME!!!!!! _:(
Throw the best Minecraft party ever with this Minecraft party DIY! These mining kits were a total hit! The kids were obsessed! They “mined” for precious gemstones for almost 45 minutes! They were so excited! [More]
Thx for watching the video everyone! Sorry, I’m a day late after missing 1 week XD, and I’m not gonna give some lame-o excuse like I didn’t have time or whatever. I just wasn’t feeling [More]
So on this Tutorial I will show you how to get a skin of your choice into Paper Figure ! Download your Skin : http://www.minershoes.com/editor Get the Paper Figure : http://papercraft.robhack.com/generator/char/ I hope this helps [More]
A tutorial on how to make Steve from Minecraft using paper
Thanks for clicking on this video! I’ve been busy with a bunch of stuff recently, so sorry this came out a little later than I would’ve wanted. Anyways, lemme know if a short little animation [More]
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Hello Babe, How are you today? ! Today I will SHOW you How To Make Miniature McDonalds Bedroom from Cardboard and paper color ^^! Watch NOW ! ___________________________________________________________________________________ 0:00 | Make Miniature McDonalds Bedroom from [More]
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